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Product Name: Liquid Chlorine

Molecular formula: Cl2

Molecular weight: 70.906

C A S   No.:7782-50-5

Specifications: GB-T5138-1996

Physical properties:

Chlorine is oily liquid with yellow-green color, toxic, which proportion at 15 ° C is 1.4256.Under standard conditions, boiling at -34.6 ° C  , solidifing at -101.5 ° C.In case of moisture, it will be strong corrosive to steel. Liquid chlorine is a kind of basic chemical, which can be used in metallurgy, textiles, paper and other industries, and is also the raw material of synthesized hydrochloric acid, polyvinyl chloride, plastics, pesticides,etc. Packaging with high pressure cylinder, net weighing 500Kg/1000Kg, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from fire, sun, heat.


After gasification typically use chlorine, more extensive use, a strong oxidant, for bleaching textile, paper industry, water purification, disinfection, magnesium and other metals refining, preparing pesticides, plastics, rubber, medicine and other species of chlorine-containing compound.

Item Index

Item Excellence Grade First Grade Second Grade
Chlorine content% 》99.8 》99.6 》99.6
Moisture content% 《0.015 《0.030 《0.040

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