Development Prospects of Polyaluminum Chloride in China

Aluminum Network ] China’s Polyaluminum chloride industry continues to develop, the domestic technology has been close to or reach the international advanced level in the international market have a greater competitive advantage. In recent years, the technology of polyaluminum chloride has become mature and has the tendency of gradually replacing the traditional flocculant . According to the analysis of aluminum financial network, the overall prospect of China’s aluminum chloride industry is still very optimistic. Next, we come to analyze the industrial advantages of PAC and its development prospects.

First, the market competitive advantage. China’s investment in production equipment and costs are far lower than foreign countries, so products in the international market have greater competitive advantage. Domestic enterprises can fully introduce their products to the international market in the next few years.

Second, the domestic demand for the future advantages. Expected in the next few years, there will be greater domestic demand growth. Polyaluminum chloride as a water treatment agent has several major advantages, first of all in the performance, its greatest use in the industry as a water treatment flocculant, due to the advantages of outstanding, wide range of applications, the amount of traditional flocculant can be reduced by 1 / 3–1 / 2, the cost or save more than 40%, has become the recognized fine water purification agent at home and abroad. In addition, it can be used to purify drinking water and special water treatment, such as iron, cadmium, polymer fluorine, in addition to radioactive contaminants, in addition to oil slick.

Third, the economic advantages. China has a wealth of raw materials to produce polyaluminum chloride, and production processes and more. The raw materials used in our country mainly develop and utilize their own mineral resources according to local conditions. China’s aluminum chloride as a raw material of aluminum ash. Due to the low cost of aluminum ash, the production process concise, the production process began to spread rapidly in 1970. Polyaluminium chloride, which is made from aluminum ashes, however, has more impurities and has not been used for tap water purification since 1980.

Polychlorinated aluminum industry has its own advantages, these advantages indicate that the future development will be better, will be better and more fully utilized. From the above point of view, that the prospects for China’s PAC industry is very optimistic about the potential for development and should not be underestimated.


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